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Clinic Jackets: #2002


Q: Do you men’s and women’s sizing?

A: No, unisex sizes only, available in X-small through XXXX-Large


Q: How long does the barrier finish last?

A: Depending on the harshness of the detergent and all around treatment, the barrier should last well beyond 150 washings. When moisture doesn’t readily bead up like when new, it should not be used anymore.


Q: How long does the antimicrobial finish last?

A: The lifetime of the garment


Q: What colors do they come in?

A: White, blue, and sea foam green


Q: Are they hot to wear?

A: There is no consensus, it depends on the person.


Q: How should they be laundered?

A: Warm water with regular detergent. We recommend an additive like Lysol disinfectant if there is a concern about a known pathogen such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, or HIV. DO NOT over dry, as it will result in wrinkling. There should be no need to iron. If iron is used, only use on LOW HEAT.


Light Handle Covers: #3003

Q: How are they used?

A: Slip them over the handles of the operatory light on both sides.


Q: How long do they last?

A: Most offices get years out of them, depending upon the inventory rotation. Discard and replace when the Velcro starts to break down


Q: How should they be cleaned?

A: If they are not visibly soiled, just autoclave them. If so, launder them first in warm or hot water with regular detergent and machine dry them, then autoclave.


Q: What colors do they come in?

A: Blue and Green


Disposable Face Drapes: #1110

Q: What are they for?

A: To keep splatter and spray off the patient’s face, especially when using a cavitron or prophyjet.


Q: How are used?

A: Just place them over the face of the patient prior to the procedure.


Q: Who uses them?

A: Our surveys show hygienists use them more than doctors-but anyone can!


Q: How do they stay on?

A: With the patient laying down face up at an angle, it allows the face drape to use gravity.


Reusable Face Drapes: #4020

Same use and function as the Disposable (#1110)

Q: How long do they last?

A: It depends on how they’re handled and treated, but at least 150 uses.


Q: How should they be laundered?

A: Some offices soak them in a bleach bath, but it is not necessary. Warm wash with regular detergent, and machine dry.


Q: What colors do they come in?

A: White, blue, mint green, yellow and peach. We also have a multi-colored 12 pack with 4 each of the blue, green, yellow.


Patient Drapes: #3150 & #3105

#3150 is lined with Fleece, used to keep patients warm

While #3105 is a fluid protectant

Q: How long do they last?

A: The barrier should last after 150 uses. The antimicrobial finish should last the life of the garment.


Q: What are the clips for?

A: The clips are used to attach a regular paper napkin to for more protection


Q: How should they be laundered?

A: Machine wash warm with regular detergent, machine dry on cool heat.


Q: Can they be autoclaved?

A: #3105 (unlined version) is fine to autoclave. We have mixed emotions about autoclaving the fleece-lined #3150 version.


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