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VESTEX® 3 in 1:

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The latest in active barrier fabric technology for healthcare professionals.

Medical apparel with the power to Protect You, Your Patients, and Your Family.


    (Fluids literally bead up and run off the fabric.)

  • Wicks Away Perspiration

    (Cooling, breathable fibers wick moisture away from the skin.)

  • Contains An Antimicrobial to Inhibit Growth of Bacteria on the Fabric

  • Controls Odor Caused by Bacteria

  • Resists Stains

VESTEX® Basics protected by VESTEX® are designed for all day comfort and protection in the unpredictable work of patient care.

Revolutionary VESTEX® fabric is designed and constructed as active barrier protective apparel. VESTEX® fabric is the latest innovation in scrub uniform and lab coat technology providing you with an active protective barrier while remaining comfortable for all day wear. An important component in your infection prevention and control plan, VESTEX scrubs and lab coats are designed to minimize the risks associated with acquisition and retention of contaminants on staff uniforms.


*Research on VESTEX® uniforms done in an Intensive Care Unit and published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology documented that Vestex fabric acquires and retains significantly less (p=0.0002) bioburden at the beginning and end of a work shift compared to non-protective attire.-Bearman, Infect Control Hosp Epidemiology, 2012

"The physicians have been very pleased with the lab coats. I've received many favorable comments.

They have been most impressed by ... how it repels fluids and resists stains.

They have been impressed that it can do all that and the material is soft."

- Jerry Sanders, MD & CMO Mercy Health Partners, Knoxville

"We believe this is not just an investment in uniforms,

but in an innovative technology that will make our environment safer."

- John Wilbanks, COO Baptist Health

     The performance of VESTEX Active Barrier fabric was further demonstrated directly. With peer-reviewed published in vitro data showing statistically significant reduction of levels of MRSA on the fabric compared to control fabrics. The results of these in vitro assays strongly correlate with the real-world conditions examined by Bearman.


     The fabric challenge assays involved modes of inoculation that mimic "real world" exposures that textiles might face in the healthcare environment, but with established quantities of known challenge organisms. These in vitro studies, showed consistent and reproducible reductions of MRSA challenge microorganisms on the VESTEX fabric under the conditions of the test. Although more study is needed, the authors of the in vitro study conclude that Bearman's findings in the clinical setting of an intensive care unit validate their findings.


Revolutionary VESTEX® Fabric


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